Catapult BI uses Advance Analytics capabilities to predict water shortage challenges in Melbourne

Catapult BI consultants engaged with Melbourne Water, and
utilised machine learning techniques to predict the pond turbidity level, which could further lead to possible shortages of Class A water.

“Population growth and climate change have accelerated since
the Millennium Drought in the early 2000s, creating a new normal for our water supply.”- quotes Melbourne Water.

Various factors involved include wind, temperature, and ph. balance, etc. Catapult BI consultant created an end-to-end machine learning pipeline by using multiple AWS services including Sage Maker and S3 Bucket, Lambda, and CloudWatch.

Major tasks of the project involve:

  • Data cleaning and transformation

  • Data exploration to investigate quality issues and correlations within the dataset

  • Feature engineering to derive and integrate data

  • Model training, fine-tuning, and evaluation.


Catapult BI consultants successfully developed a proof of concept for the model to be used by Melbourne Water. It can be used to forecast water inflow and utilisation, based on patterns identified in the historical data and make informed business decisions. 


To read more about Melbourne’s water supply challenges, visit our client’s website by clicking the button below.