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Catapult BI are industry agnostic, every business large or small has data and that data needs to be governed and managed in order to achieve value.

It doesn’t matter if its a small fish and chip take away to large conglomerates we help everyone.

In the last 12 months we have worked across the Federal Government, State Government and councils. Transport, Finance, Health Care.

Catapult BI Pty Ltd is proud to serve the Australia and beyond. We have the scope necessary to provide the solutions you need, and the support to make your goals a reality. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges. Reach out if you’d like to join our list of satisfied clients.



As part of planned extensions and improvement to management reporting systems for Outpatients, Pharmacy and Mental Health, Northern Territory Department of Health engaged Catapult BI to provide an assessment of the management reporting systems and data warehouse environment including systems, processes, practices, architecture and specific data management functions that related to those three subject areas.

  • Catapult BI undertook the following: Engagements with key stakeholders in DW Management, Reporting Services, Data Governance and Clinical Application Management in a series of one on one and group interviews to ascertain the strengths, weakness, opportunities and problems with their use of the BI DW environment; ·       Analysis of a selection of supporting documents and data sets; Provision of a report with assessment commentary focussing on business alignment, technology, data and organisational capability, recommendations for improvement within these areas, future state/best practice statement and a recommended approach for progressing future effort in the highlighted reporting areas.


Catapult BI were engaged under Implement the: 10 Taskforce Recommendations:
  • existing procurement barriers and opportunities to streamline ICT procurement;
  • opportunities to make it easier for start-ups and small and medium businesses to compete for Government ICT contracts.
Catapult BI engaged with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to develop a complete and integrated dataset on Whole of Government ICT procurement using datasets derived from disparate internal and external sources for evidenced-based ICT procurement policy development and management.  The primary external data sources include AusTender from Department of Finance and ABN details from Australian Taxation Office. The primary internal systems include tender processing systems and various ICT procurement data stored in disparate and siloed access databases and manual excel spreadsheets.


Catapult BI has a long-established relationship with the Department of Health (Health). We have provided a range of services including;
  • Growing Health EDW and Analytics Maturity;
  • Development of the Health EDW;
  • Ongoing operation of the Health EDW.
  • Growing Health EDW and Analytics Maturity
Catapult BI began this process in mid 2016 by undertaking a review of the maturity and expectations of the internal Health EDW user base.  Following this we prepared a plan to implement a program to improve the effective use of the EDW. Key elements of the program include:
  • Establishment of training environments;
  • Designing, building and delivering a range of workshops and training sessions such as; EDW overview, Things to do with SQL, Effective use of Teradata and SAS, Effective use of Cognos, Things to do with maps and Reporting;
  • Designing, implementing and Running an EDW Community of Practice (COP);
  • Running EDW User Groups.
Development of the Health EDW Catapult BI had a dual role in this program of work. We were a specialist sub-contractor to Accenture who were contracted to build the EDW infrastructure for Health.  We provided a range of skills related to the architecture, design and implementation of the EDW. Secondly we were a services provider to Health and we architected, designed and implemented applications for deployment on the EDW. The program has now been incorporated into an overall Health EDW environment, and Catapult BI staff provide services in the information architecture-related areas of:
  • information management and data architecture;
  • data modelling including both logical and physical data design;
  • data warehouse architecture and its relationship to business process architecture; and
  • design and development of ETL / ELT processes in compliance with the overall EDW environment architecture.
This project utilised Catapult BI staff with specific skills in information/data architecture and management, data warehousing, business intelligence delivery, data modelling, master data management, meta data management, and ETL and BI technical design and development, using a variety of tools and technologies including Teradata (RDBMS and tools and utilities), Informatica, SAS, Cognos and ER/Studio. Ongoing Operation of the Health EDW After the Health EDW development was completed the Department went to market for IT Services including the full provision, maintenance, and refresh of all hardware and software.  Catapult BI is a sub-contractor to Datacom, and we are responsible for the operation of the Health EDW.  This is a fixed price outcomes-based arrangement 5-year deal.


Catapult BI were engaged to work with Qld Rail and its principal integrator DXC as part of the $4.4 billion New Generation Rolling Stock (NGR) program, to build an Information Asset based MDM underpinning the planning and management of train operations, and supporting the integration of broader QR related data.  This provides a “golden record” defining the diverse set of assets existing within a complex state wide rail network.

A key aspect of the design of the MDM capability is to support the full set of geographical information required by the many applications required to support QR operations.  This is essential for the identification of where all of the assets are, with many items requiring real-time tracking, and logging of movement history. Requirements related to scheduling of maintenance, live monitoring and inspection activities of rolling stock, tracks, signals, and all other elements of infrastructure are essential to ensure safety, timeliness, quality of service and experience for customers and QR staff.  The four key readiness program indicators of: Operational Preparedness; Rolling Stock and Simulator; Safety & Governance; Infrastructure. All rely on the validity, integrity, and consistency of the data supporting the network operations provided by the MDM Project.


Abacus ALS is an international (Australia and New Zealand) supplier of IVD products, scientific equipment and educational services for the health care industry. Catapult BI has been the business intelligence implementation partner for Abacus since 2008, assisting the company with an ever-growing maturity in the use of BI, data management practices and data driven decision making.

An incremental approach based on pragmatic targeting of solutions and a cost effective approach to the use of BI tools (SQL Server, Cognos BI) through the use of a virtual data integration layer has seen the BI environment extend into performance graphs, trend analysis, slice and dice data discovery and analytics across the following domains: Periodic product sales reports and real time ad-hoc sales queries; Periodic supply chain analysis and standard purchase order reporting. including ad-hoc, real time queries; Inventory analysis and stock re-order alerts, driven by the application of daily re-calculated product category usage data in the data warehouse.