Managed Services

Transitioning your existing services and infrastructure to the cloud, or leveraging managed cloud services, Catapult BI can meet the changing IT needs of your business. All organisations depend on IT to be successful. If IT resources and processes are implemented, managed, and supported in the appropriate way, the business can become more productive, more efficient, and most importantly better able to meet the service requirements of the organisation. To do this IT must view itself as a provider of services to the business. Catapult BI’s Managed Service offering will craft, implement, manage, and deliver IT services to meet the needs of your organisation. It ensures that the appropriate mix of people, processes, and technology are in place to provide value. Benefits of a Managed Service Provider (MSP):
  • Better understanding of what the business needs and why (i.e. “business alignment”)
  • Repeatable and scalable processes
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Satisfied end users with realistic expectations
  • Shorter gaps between detecting incidents and solving the
  • Prevention of IT issues before they happen
  • Ability to identify and address repeat problem
  • Analytics to measure and improve business performance
  • Quick and adaptable to change and innovation in the market
  • Better availability and performance mean employees get more done
  • IT issues are less common, less impactful, and less costly
  • Employees know what services are available and how to use them
  • Better service at a lower cos
  • Your business complies with regulatory requirements that no one wants to think about

What’s the Value Add?

24/7 support

MSPs can add significant value to your organisation with 24/7 monitoring, improved security, comprehensive reporting, and cost-effectiveness. Catapult BI guarantee 24/7 monitoring with upscale networking monitoring tools. The modern world no longer operates on a 9 to 5 schedule, but functions around the clock. All organisations should assess their security risk. With 24/7 monitoring comes increased security. MSPs offer detailed security solutions that acts on dubious behaviour around the clock.

Disaster Recovery

Benefits of an MSP include disaster recovery plans for several incidents. We will also back up your data – just in case their preventative methods fail. With so many standards for to meet Catapult BI puts an end the guessing game and ensure that your business is up to par.

By outsourcing your IT managed services, you can relax knowing that your organisation is minimising risks and safely maintaining client data. This also reduces the burden on in-house staff.

Backup and disaster recovery are now necessary for everyone. Disaster recovery protects your business from negative events, such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures, and natural disasters.

A disaster recovery plan minimises risk and outlines the processes necessary to resume critical functions in the event of an attack or disaster.

Some organisations try to do it all themselves but end up losing time and money in the process. Do not be one of them

Comprehensive Reporting

Another benefit to using a Catapult BI as your managed service provider is receiving a comprehensive view of your IT. This reporting is in real time, which helps you track all business activity. This allows your organisation to track key performance indicators that determine whether your IT or application is operating as it should.

Cost Effective

The fallout from a cybercriminal attack is expensive. At the wrong time, the worst cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic financial burdens for organisations. The threat may not always be coming from outside… Sometimes employees make mistakes too.

Catapult BI can watch patterns and identify odd behaviour. We can then interrupt trends that affect your bottom line.

Most Managed Services operate on a subscription-based model. There are various options to pay a monthly or annual fee and receive an agreement tailored to your needs.

Catapult BI can save you money and maximise resources by providing high-level IT support. Not only does it give you access to a pool of experts and lower recruitment costs, but it also allows you to budget better. Paying a monthly fee is more budget-friendly than unforeseen costs associated with IT maintenance

Refocus on Your Core Competencies

Most organisations do not specialise in technology. They specialise in providing some other service or product. Outsourcing your IT needs to Catapult BI, lets you focus all your attention on the parts of the business you do know best.

Shift Risk

When you manage your own IT systems in-house, you assume all the risk. The tech landscape is in a constant state of change.

Do you handle sensitive information?

How sure are you that you’re in compliance with the current regulations?

As your MSP we know if you comply because it is our business to know.


Scalability often proves a serious challenge for businesses. Scalability of your tech often requires a substantial investment in hardware that you may not use. A truly scalable system requires processing power, memory, and bandwidth that far exceeds current level of demand.

The money you invest in all of that, is money you can use on things you need in the near term.

If you work with Catapult BI, scalability is part of our service. You get the extra service you need when you need it.

What can Catapult BI as an MSP deliver?

Organisations often look at numerous areas as to where a specialist MSP can provide value and these services are often interlinked or have dependencies on one or more services.
  • Application Services
  • Backup and Recovery Services
  • Content and Knowledge
  • Management Services
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • Help Desk Services Hosting Services
  • IT Services
  • Security Services
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Basically, we can provide you with “Anything as a Service (XaaS)” Despite numerous analyst predictions and good press around the predictive benefits of a managed services, organisations have remained reluctant to relinquish all or part of their IT operations to an MSP. Sometimes it is because the MSP is located remotely and can’t establish a face to face relationship and can’t establish trust…

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