Distributed workforce

Catapult BI’s Capacity to Support a Distributed Workforce and Distributed Projects

Catapult BI’s Network

High-speed private data connections link Catapult BI’s offices to remote data centres using a hub and spoke architecture that limits most network failures to a single office.

This private network connects to the internet at two widely separated locations, eliminating the possibility of a single point of failure. If one connection fails, the other can provide sufficient bandwidth to meet company demand.

Data Centres

Two data centres provide Catapult BI with a fully redundant capability designed to protect against catastrophic failure in either centre. The target recovery time for such an event is 24 hours. Recent testing has shown that operations can be fully restored in less than the target time.

Catapult BI’s data centres provide adequate capacity for management, administration and the needs of the many development projects that are in progress at any time. An extensive array of servers supports virtual machines for the development teams and a new virtual machine can be configured and put into operation in a few minutes, giving a considerable degree of flexibility and ensuring high productivity.

The Cloud

Catapult BI employs cloud services from Azure, AWS and Google to provide for its internal needs and to support client’s workloads. Often these services are integrated into a hybrid cloud solution incorporating Catapult BI’s in-house infrastructure.

To meet specific client requirements Catapult BI has often delivered and supported applications using cloud services hosted on less well-known platforms.

G Suite

A significant number of Catapult BI’s clients use Google G Suite, a popular alternative to the Microsoft Stack. Catapult BI’s Cloud Services team is fully proficient with G Suite and can advise on all technical and operational aspects of this option.

Telephony and Remote Operations

Catapult BI’s telephone system uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) based around a software PABX. A “softphone” capability augments traditional telephone handsets, connecting every desk phone extension to a mobile device and, or a PC. With this capability every telephone extension number can be operated seamlessly from remote locations or from any of Catapult BI’s offices. This system is duplicated across the data centres providing resilience in case of failure.

Security and Identity

Catapult BI has implemented Active Directory to control access for all employees. Additionally, “two-factor authentication” is widely used for secure access in compliance with current industry standards.

Catapult BI’s data security is enhanced by use of network software that detects any unusual activity, allowing the infrastructure team to act upon all threats appropriately. To further protect Catapult BI’s systems and any client material stored on Catapult BI’s infrastructure, Catapult BI has upgraded its firewalls to include IP packet inspection.

Remote access for Developers

The suite of security measures and identity control processes Catapult BI has implemented allows Catapult BI to provide both Remote Desktop Access and Virtual Private Network access to authorised users for authorised services. These capabilities augment Catapult BI’s support for secure and productive “at home” or remote service delivery.

Collaboration for Clients

In many cases Catapult BI’s people work in the client’s environment and use the client’s preferred approach for collaboration and development tools.

Projects undertaken in-house in Catapult BI’s offices can optionally employ tools from suppliers such as:

  • Microsoft
  • SAS
  • Informatica
  • Erwin
  • Aristotle
  • Atlassian
  • EncompaaS
  • Experian
  • Qlik
  • ASG Technologies
Catapult BI has licenced installations available for developers and we provide access to and are able to resolve issues or system management for all our clients.

Off-Site Support Services

While difficult conditions prevail and personal “separation” is advocated Catapult BI’s strong capability in remote application support, facilitated by the tools and approaches described above, can be engaged to take the pressure off client’s operational teams. Catapult BI has a variety of commercial arrangements that can be made ranging from fixed fee for service through to time charges on an item by item of service basis. Service level and other performance management arrangements can be put in place as required.

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