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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is defined as the process of planning, implementation and controlling of processes to provide decision support while reporting and analyze data, according to DAMA DMBOK-2. Catapult BI believes that the ultimate goal of implementing a business intelligence mechanism is to maintain the technical environment in an enterprise and also support and enable business analysis and decision making by knowledge workers. Here at Catapult BI, we assist you to integrate your choice of tools into your analysis and reporting, by understanding the complexity of the system being followed in a respective body.

BI Assessment and Roadmaps

BI Assessment has two meanings: 

  1.  Determining data analysis type that helps understand the layout, which helps companies in organisational success.
  2.  Use of tools that support this kind of analysis, including data mining, dashboarding, visualisation, scenario modelling, etcetera. 

Catapult BI likes to adopt both these meanings simultaneously, to help determine what is best for your business, which does not follow the “One size fits all” approach. Catapult BI helps businesses determine what would work best for their own business, irrespective of what the market forces them to do. We customize the experience with us, as per your business needs. 

Enterprise Reporting and Visualisation

Catapult BI believes that precise reporting and visualization of the changes that businesses need to convey from a non-technical mind to a high-tier executive, is crucial to map and understand each and every step of the strategy framework.

Reporting and visualization, if done in a common layout, which is understandable for any employee, irrespective of their experience or expertise subject, makes the communication efficient, progression smooth and results optimum. 

We help determine and differentiate between n-number of tools in the market, so that businesses use, what is best for THEM. 

Real time/ Operational BI

With zero latency and when-required access, our BI experts know to do it all. Latency can be defined in three forms:
  • Data Latency- which has to do with collecting, storing and accessing the relevant data, that can be used to derive information about the different business operations
  • Analysis Latency- which hinders the time frame utilised for analysing and understanding the data to generate required information. And lastly,
  • Action Latency- that takes place when the results obtained from analysis are not put in use due to various reasons- could be authorisational, relevancy, reliability, etcetera
Catapult BI understands these basics and progresses in a way that all of these three factors are resolved going forward. Catapult BI is capable of using all the market competent products belonging to this industry.

Analysis Applications and BI Integration

There are a variety of tools in the market and every business uses the tool as per there value and choice. Hence, it is important for a business to understand that bringing new tool to the table requires analysis of

  • the needs of the business and,
  • capabilities of the tool

Along with that, integration of the different platforms is also crucial, so organisations do not face storage and deletion problems. It is possible to loose data in the transition, and that is where Catapult BI steps in.

Our experienced professionals ensure that the transition is smooth and our clients do not have to face any after-effects. We work on trust and reliability, merged with extensive experience, to provide an obstacle free ride through the changing environments.

Reporting support, simplification and conversion

Reporting is important to lay out the insights, which help businesses make better decisions. It is not necessary that the analysis source is one, hence it becomes difficult to maintain the pattern and also, understanding the complex terminology. Major factor in determining the business decisions is conversion- which helps to simplify the reports in a way that they are understandable to even a non-technical person. 

Catapult BI provides services to help you analyse the reports, convert and show the findings in a way, which are better and easier to understand. 

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