Catapult BI

Advanced Analytics

Analysis is the core of understanding businesses and the data being used, and to transform it into usable form from a raw stage. It is applied to describe, predict and improve business performance. Data is a business asset, and it is important to utilise it in a way that extracts benifit. It involves various forms of analysis- market, people, risk, security, software and technology, and so on. With Catapult BI’s expertise on the subject, organisations are able to better understand their pattern of growth and change, which gives them an opportunity to change processes, with a great rate of reliability and efficiency. Join hands and heads with Catapult BI, to make sure you do right by your business.

Analytics Strategy

After understanding the importance of analytics, next step for businesses is to determine- How do we do it?
Catapult BI follows the International Data Management Association – Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA DMBOK) to provide you a tailored consultancy experience that helps businesses formulate a framework consisted of a work breakdown structure to progress through step by step. 

We are here to lend you our hand, and make sure your business is the best version of itself. 

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation enables businesses to generate analysis reports form a same source (Data Repository) to enable everyone- irrespective of their operations body within the business- use same numbers and same versions to extract reports. This helps with efficiency and consistency of data. It is a holistic solution for digital transformation to identify business needs at each moment.

Our specialists help you transform into a digitally enabled operating system, set up service level agreements, so that labor time is reduced, immediate analysis is recorded and business development decisions are made based on the actual requirements, and not just prediction.

Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

First comes the conversion of the raw data into usable form-which makes it easier to interpret, called Descriptive Analysis. Followed by Predictive analysis- which involves variety of statistical techniques like data mining, machine learning, that helps make predictions for future based of the data collected. Lastly, Prescriptive analysis, the final stage of business analytics, provides recommendations built around optima actions to achieve objectives like customer satisfaction, profit, etcetera.  

Catapult BI follows this progression to ensure that at every stage- business needs are rectified if needed along the course. Reach out to let us build a business with optimum growth opportunity. 

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Solutions

Machine Learning involves artificial intelligence applied in the form of algorithms that parse data, analyse it and apply it to make informed decisions in the machine itself. “Performing a function with the data provided and progressively getting better over time”- is the easiest way to understand the concept.
One subcategory under Machine Learning is Deep Learning- which utilises more complex methods for difficult problems. It uses structured algorithms to learn and make decisions on it self. It is one step ahead in the family of Artificial Intelligence.

Catapult BI provides you a variety of solutions depending on the business needs.

Model Validation, Monitoring and Recalibration

Organisations are based of numerous models in their work process. It is crucial to monitor if the models are sufficient to carry out the evolving business needs, and if not, to recalibrate them after analysing. This process is carried out in few steps- which is called validation.
Catapult BI helps the businesses figure out these validation keys, which are based of extensive research and analysis about the business model, monitors them during their day to day working and suggests changes when needed, to help business scalability and system operations.