Where to Start

Information Landscape Analysis

“You can’t do analytics on data that you can’t find, and you can’t govern what you don’t know.”
Catapult BI’s Information Landscape Analysis process enables the collection of information on the existing data supply chains through your organisation. The better the information on what is currently happening, the better the chance for subsequent projects to target issues and deliver sustained value. Through workshops and interviews, business stakeholders are asked about their existing supply chains from the sourcing of data. The information is collated and presented back in diagrams and models for confirmation. The table below gives examples of the questions asked, and the different types of Metadata collected.
Based on this information gathered, the organisation will now provide the detail required to develop an iterative strategy for developing capabilities. • Data asset cataloguing – what are your key data assets? Where is there duplication and redundancy? • Process improvement – where are the existing processes that follow best practice? What processes deliver the most value? How can they be improved? • Knowledge management – what information is currently held by individuals? How can it be captured and shared? How can data be made discoverable and accessible? • Impact assessment – what is the impact of change within the data landscape?