Catapult BI is always on the look out for potential new employees with a keen interest in everything Data.

Please keep an eye out on this page and our LinkedIn for any opportunities.

Reliable and usable information is crucial to business performance. Well-managed business information is one of the most valuable assets that contributes to:

  • supporting efficient business

  • informing decision-making

  • demonstrating government accountability and transparency

  • assisting to mitigate risks

  • adding economic value and protecting rights and entitlements.

Digital information can be made available across geographic areas and can be accessed simultaneously, enabling the transformation of business processes.

Catapult BI is an organisation that can utilise data that is the fuel that can ignite organisational performance.

The better quality and trust in data the greater ability to classify, report, analyse, forecast, predict, notify, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders.