Catapult BI

Data Privacy

Data privacy involves encryptions to conceal information, and let out that information to authorised personnel. Many a times, businesses face the risk of giving out sensitive information because of lack of privacy protocols. Catapult BI is an expert to help you figure your set of protocols by understanding your data and working with you to build an environment that ensures access control. There are a few steps involved, so as to implement these data privacy measures.

Assessment of Data Privacy Needs

The first step in determining business needs and understanding the data the business uses, our team of experts work towards finding best solutions for you and your company.

Compliance Measures and Safeguards

Our experts can help you understand the systematic regulations you can customise as per your business requirements. They can help you mitigate data privacy risks involved, ensuring the data is well utilised and remains protected.

New and Changing Regulations

Time and again, there are various changes happening constantly in an organisation. We would help you determine which changes would result in business growth, and what all parameters you can apply to your current system to ensure that the data is optimally used, in accordance to the Government Data Privacy Policy (General Data Protection Regulation 1995).

Privacy Impact Assessment

The privacy impact assessment will revolve around assessing changes that would result as you take on Data Privacy implementation in your organisation. It will help you determine potential risks, how to mitigate them and turn them into a valuable business asset.

Privacy Awareness Trainings

The Privacy awareness Training aim to introduce you to the Privacy Act and provide you with practical advice and guidance on good privacy management practices within your agency. It is suitable for all Australian organisations, especially if you handle personal information in your day-to-day work.